Friday, April 8, 2011

A Lovely Day

Hello today
The sun has been shining and its seemed like its been quite quiet today, especially for a Friday. I had a very casual day, going to The Community House down the road for a cuppa and chat. We usually have craft to do, but this morning there was a meltdown with glue, so we made Anzacs instead. I found a fellow parent of and Autistic child...needless to say we had plenty to chat about. We have called ourselves 'Beautiful Ladies'. Now that it is school holidays, our morning cuppa's will be postponed until school term resumes in a couple of weeks. I am going to think up some ideas of what we can do on our mornings to bring relaxation, companionship and 'girl time' to us all. Anything we can do while we chat of course is the course we shall take. Looking forward to making some friends that I can actually touch (if they dont mind and if I want to of course). By that I mean, someone sitting in the same room, sharing the same kettle water and same activity that is flesh and blood, not in cyber space. By that also, I do not mean that I do not appreciate my cyber friends. I do appreciate every one of them, with their loving words of encouragement and caring. I am blessed having my cyber friends.
On that note, I shall sign off for the day and enjoy the quiet while the older ones in my family have gone camping for a few days and Patrick and I can have fun together. Organizing my house and sewing are both on the menu for the next few days...Cheers all and have a lovely day.

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