Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first Post

Today is my first day of my new blog. YAY!!!!
I am writing large so I don't have to squint to read it.
My first achievement is making this blog today!!
So let's see how my blogging goes over the next few weeks while I settle into my new home.

A little about me.....
I'm cheeky, feeling my age but not necessarily acting it.
I love to sew, particularly patchwork and quilting.
With my new home, I shall be making lots of things..FUN!!
I tend to waffle on, so excuse my dribblings...Last time I apologise for it. LOL
I live in my new home with my son Patrick and my daughter Kimberly. Patrick prefers to be called Pat and Kimberly prefers to called Kim or Kimmi. I call her Kimmi.
Kimmi is a lot of fun, quirky and quite cheeky.
Pat is a lot of fun, but has his serious side poking out quite often. He is also cheeky and he loves his mum.
As of this date: 7th April 2011, Pat is 13 years old and Kimmi is 23 years old.
I also have another daughter, 26 years old, Meghann and she has an almost 6 year old daughter, Amber. I see them several times a year because they live an hour and a quarter drive away.
I love gardening, especially vegies and iris's.
I like to knit and crochet in the cooler months of the year.
I need to eat food that has not been affected by chemicals such as pesticides and I have an intolerance to wheat and yeast.
I have several skills, one of them is on computer. My next challenge for computer work is a website...wonder how that will go?
I love beading and making jewellery and I am currently making jewellery to sell.
I like a lot more things, but I will add them as I visit my Dribblings each day/week/month.
I would love to visit daily, but that is not a guarantee, so I'm not promising anything.
I hope you enjoy my blog and thankyou for visiting. Please follow me and be my friend..I like having friends who have similar interests of course, but who also can interest me in other things in life..I am interested in what you have to say and think and feel.
Enjoy and have a good day...Di

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